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Morris 8: A canadian aussie band. Watch the music video “Captivated”

Being part of a long distance band is never easy, but 15 years of songwriting and recording when your band members live in Canada and Australia is a pretty amazing achievement. Morris 8 have managed it, creating a unique and eclectic brand of pop along the way. The three members, two from Toronto and one from Brisbane, have been accomplishing their song writing and recording collaboration remotely since the beginning of the millennium with the occasional trans-Pacific trek to perform together either on the east coast of Australia or the metropolis of Greater Toronto.
From the Aussie third of Morris 8, influences originate from a seemingly contrasting background of folk and electronica in addition to several years of membership in a reggae band.  And from the Toronto contingent, we have a mix of jangly electric guitars interspersed with short, tuneful solos accompanying decidedly R&B vocals that’d be right at home in a karaoke bar performing the likes of Stevie Wonder and George Michael.
This blend of wide-ranging influences, however, turns out to be the appropriate method of delivery for the lyrical eloquence and style found on their CD releases and, most-recently, on their latest single “Captivated“.

 Official website: morris8.com

Sleeping Bag Studios – Morris 8 – “Captivated”

Morris 8 – “Captivated” – Single Review Because I’m always here reviewing music of all-kinds, people often want to know where ‘I’m really at,’ you know, as
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Morris 8: “Captivated” – Glossy but with a vital pulse!

Morris 8 simply deliver great song writing and top class musicianship. Morris 8 are a long distance band, in that two of its members are from Toronto …
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